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The Golden State Warriors are reportedly "contemplating a coaching staff addit ion" this offseason regardless of whether Kenny Atkinson departs Steve Kerr's staff to take the Cleveland Cavaliers' vacant head-coaching job, per Anthony S later of The Athletic. 據傳勇士隊正在這個休賽季找教練團的成員,不論助教阿金會不會離開Kerr的教練團,前 往克里夫蘭的總教練職缺。 And former Los Angeles Lakers' head honcho Darvin Ham was reportedly considere d. According to Slater, the Dubs "had some conversation" with Ham recently, thoug h he added such a hiring "isn't expected to materialize. But it is a signal of the Warriors' desire to add a big-name assistant, and indications are they ar e in search of either a former head coach or former player to fill the role. I f Atkinson leaves, they may add two assistant coaches." 據傳勇士隊認真考慮前湖人總教練Ham,勇士隊跟Ham有一些對談,但他們沒有想到這件事 會浮上檯面。 但勇士隊在這個休賽季有意在教練團增加一名「知名的」助教,而且他們 目標放在其他隊的前總教練,或是退休球員來擔任這個角色。如果助教阿金離開, 勇士 隊可能會找兩名助教。 Ham, 50, went 90-74 in his two seasons as the Lakers' head coach, leading the team to the Play-In Tournament in both campaigns. The team qualified for the p layoffs as well, reaching the Western Conference Finals in his first season bu t only the first round in 2023-24. The team was eliminated by the Denver Nuggets in both series. Ham, 50歲。 這兩年在湖人的戰績90-74, 在這兩年帶領湖人對在play-in中取勝,也都 順利晉級季後賽。去年打進西區冠軍賽,而今年止步首輪。兩次都是被金塊隊淘汰。 Kerr, meanwhile, has seen a lot of turnover on his staff in recent years. Alon gside the possibility of losing lead assistant Atkinson this summer, Mike Brow n left in 2022 to become the head coach of the Sacramento Kings and Jama Mahla lela left in 2023 to join the Toronto Raptors' staff. Kerr在這幾年的助教團大換血。 除了這個夏天可能會失去助教阿金。在22年失去了Mike Brown,而MB成為了國王隊的總教練。Jama則在2023到了暴龍隊的助教團。 The Warriors may be facing an offseason of change on the roster as well. Longt ime franchise staple Klay Thompson is set to hit free agency, Chris Paul's $30 million salary is non-guaranteed and he's likely to be cut and the team proba bly needs to reconsider completely shaping the roster around Stephen Curry aft er going just 46-36 this season and losing their lone game during the Play-In Tournament, keeping them from the postseason. 勇士隊除了在教練團可能面臨大換血外,K湯也正面臨簽約問題,而CP3的3000萬是非保障 的合約,很大機率會被勇士隊裁掉。勇士隊可能需要重整球員,在經歷過46-36的2023-20 24賽季,Play-in的失利,使他們今年沒有進入到季後賽。 It's very possible that the championship window for the trio of Curry, Thompso n and Draymond Green has closed altogether, outside of some adept roster restr ucturing. More than likely, the Dubs will have a much different look in the 20 24-25 campaign. 在勇士隊三老的奪冠機率變低,可以想見勇士高層在2024-2025會有大動作,讓整個團隊 有不同面貌。 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt-mlb.tw), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://ptt-mlb.tw/NBA/M.1717115211.A.2FB
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